How Google Works [ INFOGRAPHIC ]

Mar 28, 2018




In October 2014, Google improved their search experience with less spam and more procured content in their algorithm updates named Panda and Penguin.

While most of us like to pretend we know exactly what these algorithms do and how they affect us, the formula that runs behind the scenes on Google can truly be complex and confusing.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, Google is important for website discovery with local listings and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. But to excel in these areas, it is essential to take the time to learn how Google works.

Therefore, the bright minds at Quick Sprout gave an explanation of how the search engine giant finds and provides innumerable search results for users every day.

In their animated infographic, they share fascinating facts for getting a better understanding of how Google’s algorithms work; which could potentially help businesses achieve SEO success. For example:

  • There are spiders that do more than just spin a web, they can also crawl it. Spider programs (or web crawlers) allow Google to index over 100 million gigabytes of information to use for any search result.
  • Google has written six programs to assist in sifting through that information to help you find the best search terms – Spell Correction, AutoComplete, Synonym Finder, Query Understanding, Google Instant, and Search Methods.
  • Google decides how to answer your search terms by asking over 200 questions of their indexed web pages in 1/8 of a second!

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