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HR & Payroll Management System


Human resource management systems (HRMS) means an employee database used for record keeping. Human resource management systems (HRMS) refer to those that can perform tasks around training, recruitment and shift allocation..

  • Storing and managing employee records
  • Producing a variety of charts and graphs
  • Allowing staff to request their own holidays
  • Maintaining shift plans and viewing real-time attendance records
  • Timesheets and Expenses

HR & Payroll System Features

Online Application

Easy and user-friendly appointment screen to book an appointment by employee name and client name with the specific services.

User Friendly

A point of sale screen where you can sell services, products, packages, gift vouchers. using the same screen you can use advance payment also.

Centralized Employee Records

Provides a single repository where all employee records are stored, updated and maintained. Allows for better reporting and lowers the costs of compliance and preparing for audits.

Employee Management

There’s a reason this function is often referred to as “core HR.” Delivers a central portal to support analysis, reporting and compliance processes.


This is also a primary function of the HRMS—calculating earnings from gross to net or net to gross and withholding individual deductions and issuing payments can be made just as routine as paying the rent.

Workforce Management

This is where HR teams track employee development, manager evaluations and disciplinary actions; record time and attendance; and ensure the company is providing a healthy and safe work environment.

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