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Laundry Management System


Laundry Management System an on-demand software can help you to do wonders for your laundry business. Designed to work for three different types of users—laundry services, dry cleaners, and pickup and delivery agents/drivers—users can track orders, booking, and other processes in real time.

  • Storing and managing employee records
  • Producing a variety of charts and graphs
  • Allowing staff to request their own holidays
  • Maintaining shift plans and viewing real-time attendance records
  • Timesheets and Expenses

Laundry Management System Features

Online Application

Easy and user-friendly appointment screen to book an appointment by employee name and client name with the specific services.

User Friendly

A point of sale screen where you can sell services, packages, gift vouchers. using the same screen you can use advance payment also.

Place orders, schedule pickups and drop-offs

Enable your customers to place their laundry orders on the go. They can add their addresses and select their preferred pickup and drop-off times.

Service packages and subscriptions

Let your customers subscribe to laundry services and save on expenses. Create coupons and discount campaigns for customers.

Customizable dashboard view

Manage incoming orders and deliveries on your software’s customizable dashboard.

Staff and customer profiles

There’s a reason this function is often referred to as “core HR.” Delivers a central portal to support analysis, reporting and compliance processes.

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