Access Control Solutions

Our Access Control Solutions include the latest technologies and wider applications:

Access Control System

Streamlining the access of localities and systems of a company all of the time by the employees is done efficiently by this system. Few employers want to allow all of their employees access to all facilities all of the time. At a minimum, an electronic access control system can be used to allow only employees into a building after hours, and provide excellent documentation of when and where employees enter and exit. Access control is the only technology that proactively attempts to keep unauthorized individuals out of a building or areas within a facility. Using this system you can take a report of time and attendance of every employee in your company.

Time & Attendance

Companies can benefit from this system by preventing loss of wages while improving work productivity, since the employees work hour management solution of the fingerprint-based, eliminated the possibility of people coming to work as Buddy Punching, or asking for fabricated overtimes. Corporations and public and government institutions can also enjoy diverse work hour tracking and monitoring features in calculating compensations for business trips, special assignments, overtimes, and work-shifts, in addition to the employee’s regular time of coming and leaving to work.
The accurate results can be easily and accurately reflected on the wage calculation and human resources management. The work hour solution is capable of speedy fingerprint authentication, thereby allowing the entry data to be recorded immediately as it is created without any delay, even during the busy morning rush hour. By computerizing the work hour data generated by the system, the human resources department can improve their work performance.

It also enables a centralized work hour management of employees working at multiple different locations, and the data necessary for various decision-making can be effectively collected and reflected. Any business or institutions can have the optimal system by connecting it to their own or other existing systems, enabling a management innovation that solves any possible work hour management problems, while saving the wage costs and structure.

Quick Return on Investment

By using the fingerprint recognition technology that allows accurate confirmation of people’s real identity, the system can eliminate the possibility of illegal activities, such as Buddy Punching and document fabricating. It can result in fast ROI by eliminating unnecessary spending on fabricated overtimes, etc.

World’s Fastest Processing Speed

Built-in fingerprint recognition technology that has the world’ fastest authentication speed, this system allows those businesses and institutions with large number of employees to process the ID check faster and more conveniently, without the use of cards or ID.

Effective System Management

By using the TCP/IP-based Internet network, the work hour management and the human resources management for multiple branches in different locations can be handled easily at a central office.

Flexible Scalability

The work hour data produced by the fingerprint recognition system can integrate with other accounting, wage management, and ERP systems. The system can integrate with diverse database and software by using the software development kit that comes with the system, or by using software with report-generating options.

Access control and ID solutions range from card/proximity access systems to intelligent keys. We can provide access control solutions that range in size from entire corporate systems to simple, keypad access for remote stand-alone, security doors. Requirements depend on access control risks. We use the latest technologies – including proximity cards and tokens, smart cards and bio-metrics – and source from the leading, global names in access control. security, reduce risk and even optimize other facets of the performance of their organization. Our solutions includes.


  • ID cards
  • Proximity cards and tokens
  • EMag-stripe swipe cards
  • Smart cards
  • Keypads
  • Security doors
  • control and reporting Remote access
  • Time and attendance system
  • Turnstiles
  • Hotel Lock Management
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