Web Applications

A web application or web app is any program that runs in a web browser. It is created in a browser-supported programming language  and relies on a web browser to render the application

There are wide variety of applications that can be termed as web applications. We categorize web applications as those using web technologies, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver on-the-go access via wide range of devices.

Web applications typically help in providing access to a set of business processes through the browser based front end. An example of web application is a supplier portal accessible by the staff of a company as well as the suppliers to provide a synchronised frontend for the entire procurement process. Building applications on the web helps them to be highly flexible while reducing the maintenance costs.

Our web application development services encompass development of web based applications that give users complete control over their business processes.

  • Database interfaces for, both, the user and administrator, so that they can view, add, edit or delete data directly from your web browserDevelop web applications that are fast, secure and scalable.
  • Enable users reduce their operational costs, by decreasing the turnaround time for each activity.
  • Improves operational productivity and Facilitates brand building by increasing customer satisfaction

The distributed / web applications development architecture can effectively kick start your performance and churn out miracles. But then, it is important to know how these miracles happen in today’s world. The distributed / web applications development functionality is spread among multiple applications. These applications reside either on just one computer or on multiple computers. Web applications development architecture is receiving great attention.

We have created custom web applications of all sizes and in many different industries. Prior to working with us, many of our customers managed their operations using spreadsheets and others were still manual. Today, they can’t imagine doing business without their custom web application.

We have experience in developing in various web applications and many other custom web applications built to meet your organizational objective. Incorporating high-end features, creating multiple user groups, personalized login screens, consolidation of multiple back-ends, and much more could be done effectively.

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