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Valet Parking System POS

Merak Valet parking software is a set of mobile and desktop tools that enable a parking operator to increase revenue, reduce labor and damage claims, and to focus on delivering high quality customer service. Popular features ticketless valet options.

The automated valet is a new technology used for clients that require a bespoke and modern service which reflects their vision of future operations. It solves the problems of the old and conventional valet which has a manual registry system, is uncontrolled, prone to cash leakage, and is undocumented.

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Valet Parking System Features


Merak valet parking software uses QR code scanning for easier and faster usage of technology. Ease to manage QR code systems helps the provider and customer.

Multi location Support

Merak valet parking software can be used in multiple locations which gives the management a centralized system to manage its locations

Multi parking location

Merak valet parking software can manage multiple drop location valet parking in one single location with easy to access features.

Printing option

Merak valet parking software has printing ticket options which can be used in many different locations where customers or guests prefers ticket in valet parking service.

Multi language

Merak valet parking software is available in different languages making it user friendly specially for the drivers.

Mobile application

Merak valet parking software has mobile application for easier access

Feedback and rating

Merak valet parking software feedback and rating system is amazing specially for hospitality sector.

Multi Device compatibility

Merak valet parking software is also available in web app to make it device independent.

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