Why You need a SALON POS System .?

In the modern day, the world is shifting towards the usage of modern technology to build relationships with customers. It is becoming ever more important to adopt new technologies so as not to fall behind the curve.

The traditional cash register point of sale counters is the anchor that keeps the beauticians from interacting with customers. It is important to break free from that old technology and embrace modern technology.

Our state of the art Point of Sale Software solutions is custom made for the Beauty Salon establishment. Our Point of Sale Software solution comes with various features such Hybrid platform support and multiple user accounts. Imagine the traditional Point of sale counter in the palm of your hand.

The beauticians won’t have to leave the customer. Our Salon Point of sale Software solution when installing on an iPad or Android Tablet can be carried around with ease by the beauticians. Each beautician can log in with their own account with a password key. Other user-friendly & interactive features are included, such as sales reports that are generated according to your convenience and these reports can be accessed over the internet.

We are proud to develop with our Point of sale Software solution, Our easy to use Specific modules for the specific purpose, such as:

  • Sales and Billing,
  • Cashier Management,
  • Item Purchase

We understand the need for beauticians to create a healthy relationship with customers. For this purpose, we believe our complimentary features will be a great resource for any Beauty Salon. The features include:

Scheduling calls to Customers: It feels much more personal and caring when a scheduled or follow up call is made to the customers. Our Point of sale software comes with this amazing feature that lets you schedule special calls to customers for follow-ups and appointment. Features such as this in our point of sale software solution are specifically designed to increase the efficiency of your beauticians because the more time they spend with customers is directly proportional to their satisfaction.

Auto SMS features with color coding: A good marketing initiative can do wonders for small business establishments and SMS’s are an integral part of this infrastructure. Whether it’s sending greetings for an Event or sending out information regarding promotional offerings at the Salon. Among the plethora of features in our Salon Point of Sale Software Solution is this great feature that helps to ease your SMS messaging needs.

Package/Session feature with one click easy search: Gone are the days when you have to clumsily find through a list of all the different offerings. In the Salon Point of sale software solution created by Al Merak, we can customize the easy access to the Packages/Sessions that you offer most often. This feature in our POS Software can help your beauticians breeze through the transactions as the most likely packages will be at the forefront of the user interface.

Gift Voucher features, with easy record search: Promotional offers through vouchers and coupons are a long known practice. The Salon POS Software can handle this tedious task of Voucher management with ease. So now whenever you decide to boost your Business with vouchers, our easy to use software can help you through it with ease and comfort. You can also do a quick search for the vouchers and their details.

We are confident that with these great features provided in our Point of Sale Software solutions for Salon businesses, you will be able to do all of above and much more while building an ever better relationship with your customers.

For any queries regarding our Point of Sale Software Solutions.

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