8+ Years of Experience

We Provide the Best IT and Software Solutions in Kuwait. Merak is a well-established Kuwait-based IT and software solution provider


Merak is a well-established Kuwait-based IT and software solution provider. We offer cutting-edge solutions of Web design and development, App development, e-commerce development, SEO, and Cloud ERP solutions. We are providing customized solutions for their clients to specific needs. Our team of highly skilled professionals has many years of expertise and is committed to providing exceptional services that are transforming, all-inclusive, and most importantly, created only for the end user. We strive for an innovative technology that is essential to meeting client needs and satisfaction. We drive the result-oriented success.

Our Mission & Vision

We offer a complete package of IT services, from initial planning stages to final implementation and testing. Our main objective is to complete your business needs. Our Vision is to integrate IT and software solutions to focus on fulfilling the needs of our clients in the Industrial and Government Sectors, by analyzing, designing, developing, implementing, and supporting tangible business solutions that help them profit from the effective use of technology.

A technology company dealing in multiple disciplines in software and hardware solutions


Our mission is to continuously innovate to solve business challenges with an inspired, committed, and happy team. We explore ideas to improve business growth and revenue.


To make lives easier by simplifying and organizing businesses through technology

Why Choose Us

Our goal is giving the best For IT services At Merak, we analyze your needs to set up appropriate services for your organization. We collaborate to create web pages that speak about your business or on more complete internet sites for larger organizations and businesses. The strength of our company lies in the cocktail blend of purpose-driven creativity, brand marketing acumen, research, analyze and digital media prowess.

Developing a web site, software app, or mobile app or a security service we concentrate on the goal of creating a professional output that represents you and your business.