Biometric Time Attendance System in Kuwait

Get the best Biometric Time Attendance System in Kuwait

We are offering the latest biometric time attendance system in Kuwait. Manage and improve your employee’s time attendance, shift-wise attendance, and much more.

Latest Biometric Attendance in Kuwait

Biometric Attendance System Kuwait

Increase Your Efficiency with Biometric Attendance System

Merak provides a cloud-based biometric time attendance system in Kuwait which helps you to keep the complete track of your employees. We have one of the best-trusted brands in security, ZKTeco. The newest generation of palm recognition technology is fully upgraded in all aspects in terms of recognition method, which combines palm print and palm vein recognition as one. l Anti-spoofing Technology l Wide Angle Tolerance l Ultra-long Recognition Distance. Reduce the time, save cast, and enhance your employee productivity with Merak.

ZKTeco Fingerprint Attendance System in Kuwait

ZKTeco is a multinational enterprise specializing in the manufacture and development of biometrics and RFID technology solutions for Security Devices such as ZKTeco ua300, biometrics, and face machines. ZKTeco biometric time and attendance system works with biotime software which is a great biometric reporting system. Contact us for one of the trusted biometric suppliers in Kuwait. ZKTeco SpeedFace-V5L Facial Recognition Access Control Terminal, which also features body temperature measurement and mask detection, plus hand palm recognition and fingerprint scanner.
Fingerprint Attendance System Kuwait
Biomax Time Attendance System

Biomax Time Attendance System

We have a large number of biomax products that are designed with multiple verification modules. Biomax time attendance systems have advanced features like Face detection, Fingerprint & RFID card support, and door access systems. Here are some biomax modal N-Bio101 W, N-BM20 + ID Pro, N-Access10 Pro, N-BM22, N-BM260W Pro, N-BM70W Pro.

High-Security Access Control System

Merak Tech is a leading provider of Access Control Systems. Merak Tech Access Control System recognizes, authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter the premises thereby giving complete protection and ensuring security with the system.
High-Security Access Control System

Biometric Attendance System Process

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