Frequentrly Asked Question

Point of Sale System

The full name of POS is point of sale. Basically it is used to accept payment and keep track records of sales for any kind of business but is mostly used in retail stores.

POS System requires help to collect information on billing transactions of customers and sales. Easy to all operations of your customer.

ERP System

ERP is software that helps to keep track record of company performance including sales, inventory, payroll, finance, human resources, and manufacturing to run successful business operations.

Odoo ERP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that helps to manage business operations and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Web Development

Hybrid apps are developed across all platforms, while native apps are developed for specific single platforms.

Website development frameworks are an important part of software engineering and a set of structures that create web applications efficiently. Here are some web development frameworks - PHP Laravel, Angular JS, React JS, Bootstrap, Drupal, Java, .Net, Python, Ruby on Rails.

Software Development

Software is a set of scripts that are used to run on various devices. Generally two types of Software - System software and application software.

The various functions of application software like document management, managing and analyze data, projects management, accounts and finance management, software management, HR and functions management, and CRM solutions.


SEO is the process of changing the position of a website that helps to improve organic traffic and ranking. Basically two types of SEO ON Page and OFF Page.

TLD means Top-level Domains like .com, .net, and .org. ccTLD means country-code top-level domain like .in, .kw, etc.

The various SEO tools are available that help to get better results.

Semrush, Hrefs,, SEO Quake, Google Search Console, Google Analytics(GA4), Screaming Frog and Google Trends.