Corporate Social Responsibilities Management System in Kuwait

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Management System

Merak is offering cutting-edge CSR software solutions that help streamline your social responsibilities.

Merak CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) Software

Merak provides the CSR (corporate social responsibilities) cloud-based software platform that allows easy tracking of your CSR working projects. We provide a user-friendly and custom CSR dashboard that is easy to track in real-time, location tracking, and many more. We provide integrated CSR software solutions for websites and mobile applications. It provides a single platform that easily manages Complete CSR activities for your societies from anywhere and anytime. It allows the management of volunteers, and NGOs from multiple locations.

The Primary Challenges of CSR

The primary challenges of CSR are related to social issues like different cultural, educational, agricultural, and many more but how can we manage all of them? How can we put effort into those things? So here CSR software plays a crucial role in society.

The Top Benefits of CSR Management System

Allows Fund Distribution
Accurate MIS Reporting
Real-time CSR Projects Tracking
Beneficiary Management
Beneficiary Management
Identify NGO Partners
Volunteer Management
Attendance Tracking
Advanced Reporting System
User-Friendly Mobile Application
Cloud-Based Platform

How Can Work Merak CSR Management System

Merak CSR management software provides budget-friendly solutions.
Easy to detailed tracking and analysis of CSR running projects including KPIs inputs, results, performance, task scheduling, and many more.
It offers a user-friendly dashboard that enhances work efficiency and accurate reports.
It allows users to manage their employees and volunteers.
It provides integrated CRM solutions
It allows to capturing real-time data in Rural Areas

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