Diet Meal Management Software in Dubai

Diet Meal Management Software in Dubai

Manage and Improve your diet business with Merak. Get a powerful software solution for your diet business.

Streamline Your Diet Business with Merak in Dubai

Merak is a leading provider of diet meal management systems in Dubai, UAE. It provides a comprehensive suite of premium diet software for your business. It is specially designed for healthcare and dieticians. Easy to manage diet calories and nutrition management for diet software.

Powerful Apps Development for Diet Business

We offer a custom and integrated suite of apps for your diet business. It allows easy tracking of nutrition, diet, and counting calories. It allows an interface between users and dieticians/nutritionists. It enables them to create a diet plan according to the calendar and get valuable feedback that helps to improve health and manage weight.

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The Advanced Features of Diet Management Software

User-friendly Dashboard
We provide a custom dashboard with an admin panel that easily controls all parts of the diet system and analytics reports.
Diet App for Customer
We offer user-friendly Android and IOS diet applications for your customers so they can track calorie and health progress.
Diet POS System
We provide a point-of-sale for your diet system that directly connects to the admin panel that generates the receipt and enhances the efficiency.
Driver Delivery Application
We offer an advanced driver delivery application that automates pick-up and drop-off at the destination and saves your delivery cost.
Automated Reminders
Merak diet software allows automated messages that track and manage nutrition, calories, and special offers.
Diet Meal Database
It allows an easy-to-prepare meal database and food menu with detailed reports and manages your customers in a single place.
Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner
It enables the additional feature of the barcode scanner that users can scan the barcode and know more information about the item.
Kitchen Management
Kitchen Management
It enables kitchen management that streamlines your kitchen operations. It generates packing slips, cooking reports, and nutrition management.

Why Choose Merak for Diet Management