Get the best Restaurant POS Software in Dubai

Get the best Restaurant POS Software in Dubai

Merak is one of the top providers of restaurant POS software in Dubai UAE. Get the complete solutions for restaurants.

Restaurant POS Software in Dubai

Merak is the largest restaurant POS software provider in Dubai, UAE. We provide the complete solutions for your restaurant. We have successfully delivered 500+ POS software for restaurants. We provide a powerful suite of restaurant POS that streamlines your all needs. We offer a user-friendly POS system that easily manages food ordering, advanced reporting, secure payment processing, tracking sales and analytics, menu management, table management, and much more. Improve your restaurant business with Merak, elevate your customer satisfaction and reduce the cost of operations.

Restaurant POS Software Dubai

The Key Features of Our Restaurant POS in Dubai

Food Ordering Mobile Application
Easy to accept food orders online via mobile applications as well as the website.
Table Management
Table Management
Enables the table management feature in Merak Restaurant POS software. Advanced feature of reserving tables
Staff Management
Easy to manage Staff working shifts, performance, productivity, Tasks, and responsibilities.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Easy to track and monitor inventory saves your expired items and maintains profitability.
Daily Sales Tracking
We provide customized dashboard features in POS Systems that help daily sales tracking
Fast and Secure Payment Processing
POS Software enables a fast and secure payment process system that improves customer engagement.

Top Advantage of Restaurant POS Software

User-friendly Application
Delivery Boy Tracking
Delivery Boy Tracking
Cloud Kitchen Printer
Cloud Kitchen Printer
Control Your Stock
Digital Menu and Tracking
Cloud-Based Solutions
Loyalty Programs
Fast Service
Save More Time and Cost
Increase Productivity
Real-Time Reporting

Where We Serve POS Systems?

Fine Dining
Cloud Kitchen
Food Truck
Night Club

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